Design + Art Direction


Living Edge

EDITION is a curated collection of the foremost in limited edition contemporary furniture art and design, created by The One Centre for Living Edge, Australia’s leading design furniture retailer.

Featuring unique creations by iconic figures in art and design, from Zaha Hadid to Salvador Dali, the EDITION Collection transcends the concept of ‘furniture’ both functionally and philosophically.

Creating the proposition, ‘Furniture that’s art, art that’s furniture’ we positioned EDITION as ‘Art for Life’, speaking to the modern-art-space lifestyle the collection offers HNWI collectors in their every day.

We created EDITION as an Art Brand. It’s a curator of art that also operates as functional furniture. As such our visual language and approach to design is bold, confident, curious and subjective – expressing common themes found in contemporary art culture.

Our type-driven identity is designed to integrate seamlessly with artists, designers and brands who make up EDITION.

Created at The One Centre SYD. 
Creative Direction by Chris Gillespie.
Videography by Matt Sharpe.

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