Design + Art Direction

Brave Face.

Douglas Pharmaceuticals

Anxiety and stress is experienced daily by thousands of New Zealanders, yet we struggle to openly talk about it. Research found that many people were looking for an accessible, natural and effective product for everyday / regular use.

The name Brave Face came out of early exploration: we needed to speak clearly to our core consumer, engaging and empowering them to take positive action.

Brave Face needed to be the catalyst for open discussion about mental health, to empower people not be limited by worry and stress and to instead engage support to overcome and live to their true potential. It had to be a thoughtful brand and a product people could be proud of, not hidden away in bathroom cupboards.

Bespoke product design centred around simple core geometric forms and soft satin finishes, set into a soft black box, nestled as a set.

Through an honest palette and clear product architecture, Brave Face provides an experience that is always calm and informative, bold and confident, but never shouting.

It’s easy to carry by day and easily identifiable on a dark bed stand, with no signs of ‘self-help’ to be embarrassed about.

Just modern and efficient to use and carry, beautifully elegant at home or away.

Created at Special Group AKL. 
Creative Direction by Heath Lowe.

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