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Paradoxe Beverages

As the wellness revolution takes hold globally, millions of consumers are seeking alcohol- free alternatives to their favourite drinks, including champagne.

Pernelle’s founders had a vision to create the world’s first truly premium de-alcoholized sparkling. One of supreme quality without compromise, that would elevate the perception of the category and create a sophisticated alternative for champagne lovers everywhere.

Assembling a team of Méthode Traditionnelle champagne experts, they spent 3 years combining the best of traditional craftsmanship with innovative proprietary processes to pioneer a new standard in de-alcoholized winemaking, Méthode Moderne. And with it, a sparkling new tradition.

Working closely with the founders, The One Centre was engaged to create, position and construct the total brand universe for Pernelle.

Our brand identity represents a ‘juxtaposition’ concept and philosophy, “where Classicism meets Creative Cool”. Pernelle symbolising a progressive new royalty and visually metaphoring ‘Méthode Moderne’ and the sparkling new tradition it empowers.

Pernelle’s name was inspired by 14th century Parisian alchemist and philanthropist, Perenelle, who dedicated her life to discovering the Philosopher’s Stone – the elixir of life. Our creative direction captures the enigmatic and charismatic ‘spirit of Pernelle’.

Created at The One Centre.
Creative Direction by Chris Gillespie.
Videography by Jacopo Lancini.

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